HOMAG B 200/300

Series of CNC-machining centres, which were designed as entry-level models into the high performance class of Homag.

The model series B 200/B 300 includes all types of the series BAZ 200/BAZ 300 and BOF 200/BOF 300. The common name B200/300 can be found in manufacturer's brochures since 2007, along with various improvements and standardizations. A similar unifying name already existed in the 1990s for the series B 20/30.

The key changes

  • The Y-working range was extended to 1.550 mm for the B 200 series and to 1.850 mm for the B 300 series.
  • The machines of the series were each uniformly available in 5 models, according to the table size: model 30, 40, 52, 60, 72 (There were limitations in the models with two Y-axes BAZ 222 and BAZ 322, each of which was only available as models 40 and 60).
  • All table sizes of the MATRIX table were now also available for the K-Table.
  • Since 2007, the aggregates supports were equipped with two separate Z-axes - one each for the working spindle and one for the drilling unit, which could also include an additional milling spindle and a groove saw.
  • Because of the revision of the aggregates support, maximum workpiece widths (Y) of 2.140 mm (B 200 series) and 2.440 mm (B 300 series) were possible when a second router head was installed. Thus, the extension of the Y-axis which was previously offered for the profi line models, was no longer available.
  • The production range of available drilling units has been extended.
  • As a new feature, the aggregate Multi-Processing Unit (MPU) was introduced as an option to the conventional drill head.
  • The revised AP system table was introduced as an option (predecessor was the AutoClamp-Table).
  • All the machines were uniformly offered with the new square design - with transparent blue-tinted window.
  • With the LeanFactory, based on the B 300 series, for the first time, a fully automatic solution for nesting processing with following horizontal machining of the single parts was presented.
  • Homag now offered pre-configured models with the appropriate equipment features for various uses: - Window and door manufacturing - Furniture production - Nesting - Plastic Technologies - Stair Manufacturing - Door Manufacturing

Types of the B200/B300 Series:


Homag BOF211
HOMAG, 2007
HOMAG BOF 211 für die Nestingbearbeitung mit genesteter Platte
kompakte Maße, großer Arbeitsbereich: BOF 311
HOMAG, 2007
BAZ 222
HOMAG, 2007
Neu ab 2007: größere Y-Achse, blaues Plexiglas
Homag MPU

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