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Hapfo Maschinenbau GmbH

hapfo Holzbearbeitungsmaschinen

Brand name of the lathes, which were produced since the 1970s by the firm Otto Kleiner Inh. M. Albus GmbH & Co. in the southern Bavarian Mindelheim. The company now is called GH-Tec Maschinenbau GmbH and is located still at the same site and continues to produce wood lathes.



The company GH-Tec is taken over by the Mindelheim entrepreneur Tobias Waltl after an insolvency application and renamed Hapfo Maschinenbau GmbH. All 18 employees are taken over.


Presentation of the new CNC fully automatic machine hapfo CHALLENGE 5000 and HAPFO CHALLENGE 7000; to date approx. 5000 hapfo lathe machines have been built in Mindelheim and sold worldwide.


The name rights for "hapfo" go via GH-Tec. The long-year tradition of the lathing machine factory can be continued under the name "hapfo".


Introduction of the new manual wood lathe PERFORMER 400-FU and the new lathe milling machining centre 9500 CNC with machining lengths up to 19 m.


The naming rights "hapfo" have expired.

The produced machines are named GH-Tec.


Shortly before the production of the lathing machines by engineering company Schmiedel is changing to the newly-founded GH-Tec machine construction GmbH the distribution company hapfo goes into insolvency. Development, production and distribution of the lathing machines only takes place with GH-Tec in Mindelheim.


Delivery of the first CNC-fully automated machines CHALLENGE 2000 Sale of the engineer company Albus to the company Schmiedel in Neu-Ulm; I subsequent years the initials of the type names change from "AP" to "SP".


Construction of the first CNC-controlled lathing machine.


The 1000th hapfo lathing machine will be sold. The type names reflect the initials of the partner companies Albus and Pfohl, e.g. AP3000, AP5000, AP6000 etc.


Selling the first hydraulic copying lathe.


Herr Hans Pfohl founds the Hans-Pfohl company specially for distribution of the lathes manufactured by Otto Kleiner Albus. The machines receive the label name "hapfo" and are to be sold under the said name worldwide.

Since 1842

on location of the Hammersmith in Mindelheim metal goods are being manufactured. From this production facility the company „Firma Otto Kleiner Inh. M. Albus Nachf., GmbH & Co. KG“ emerges.

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HAPFO, 2019
HAPFO, 2011
Logo (Hapfo, ca. 1990)
Logo (Albus, ca. 1990)

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