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Tenoning machine

  • Single sided machine mainly used for the profiling of the workpiece and; tenoning, mortising and counter profiling
  • Application usually as single machine in small workshops for doors and windows and for the manufacturing of joint connections. Also utilized in machine lines as wooden windows production lines
  • Machines for the frame furniture production are round end tenoners
  • Workpieces are moved past crosscut saws and milling units through clamping units which are affixed on manually or motorically driven moving carriers or rolling tables.
  • Adjustment of the aggregates can be done manually, pneumaticly or motorized (by electronic positioning)
  • Utilization of multi spindles with several strokes for the tenoning of several profiles
  • For double sided machines see double end tenoner


Typ 261
Unitec 15
WEINIG, 2007

Series (94)