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Chalk marking

  • For manual marking of wood defects before cutting

Technical principle

The operator visually checks the workpiece in front of him for wood defects and orders them according to their quality levels. The respective areas are marked by use of fluorescing chalk.

After the workpiece was passed to the machine's conveying system a sensor (luminescence sensor) detects the marked sections and transmits the appropriate position to the machine control. Dependent on the desired mode of operation the following work step is to cut the wood defects or to subject the quality workpieces to a full optimisation according to the length and measurement data from a processing list.

  • In the process of quality optimisation supplementary to defect marking other markings, for example at the workpieces' side, are made by use of chalk lines, too.

Alternative terms

  • Double marking station (Paul): A workstation in front of the machine suitable for 2 people to speed up the process chalk marking and thereby the process of feeding.


PAUL, 2002
3 Qualitätsstufen mittels Kreidestriche