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Morse taper MK 2

Standardized format of a tool interface for tool machines like CNC machining centres. The name derives from the tool company Morse, which laid the foundtation for this interface already in the 19th century.

The Morse taper or cone contains either a tool holder for fixedly clamping the tool or is firmly connected with it. The interface to the machine consists of an elongated cone with a relatively small angle of inclination. The drive torque is transmitted by the friction of the cone's surface.

There are 7 standardized main sizes (MK0-MK6) as well as several intermediate sizes. In CNC woodworking machines, size MK2 is almost exclusively used.

Today, Morse cones are mainly used in drills, because they require an additional screw lock and thus, are not good for the automatic changes of tools in CNC machining centers. Already in the 1990s, Morse cones were replaced by the interfaces ISO30 and ISO40.

See also morse taper.