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Insert fittings

Here, it refers to the possibility of CNC-machining centres to automatically insert fittings into workpieces.

Typically, the machine has a magazine, in which the fittings are stored, which then can be inserted by a special CNC-controlled device.

The most common use for aggregates for inserting fittings is found in the furniture industry for inserting press-fit bands to furniture doors as well as in the door manufacturing industry for inserting hinges, so-called "Anuba"-bands. In the piano manufacturing industry, aggregates for inserting fitting are very important for inserting the dowel pins for the strings - there are several hundred pins to be inserted into each piano.


Beschlagsetzaggregat f. Türbänder mit Bohrkopf
Beschlagsetzaggregat f. Topfbänder an Möbeltüren