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HOMAG Multiclamp

Mechanical clamping system for use on CNC-machining centres.

In German-speaking countries it's being distributed under the name "Multispanner", or "Multi Clamp" in international terms.

The Multiclamp system was developed as a versatile, pneumatic clamping system for the clamping of bars and other narrow parts, which cannot be held by suction cups. Compared to the PowerClamp system, it offers lower clamping forces. The multiclamp system is available in a variety of different versions, connection possibilities and mounting heights. It is suitable for all machines with pod and rail table.

The multiclamp system is a multitude of different variations, connection possibilities and clamping heights.

There are three variations, which are partially not compatible with each other:

  • A variation exclusively for dual circuit vacuum systems, which is suitable for most machines by Homag and Weeke and exactly as how the block suction cups are handled with. The clamping technology will be enabled via a vacuum channel and the clamping device will be affixed on the console via another channel.
  • A variation for single-circuit-vacuum system and dual-circuit vacuum systems. Here the clamping device will be affixed on the console via vacuum. The clamping technology will be pneumatically enabled. These variations can be used on machines with corresponding pneumatic ports.
  • A variation exclusively for single-circuit systems. Here the clamper will be affixed on a console via a clamping lever and the clamping technology enabled via the machine vacuum.

Image credits: Homag, 2010


Multiclamp Spannsystem mit rechteckigen Haltern
Multiclamp Spannsystem mit anpassbaren Haltern
Multiclamp System

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