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Automatic feeding

To guarantee a continuous production process in serial production, an extensive loading, unloading and, if need be, disposal technology is required.

The feature "Beschickung automatisch" (automatic loading) indicates that the machine is not loaded manually, meaning piece-by-piece, but that the material is provided fully automatically (without manual work) from a magazine, a stack (pushing off of the top layer) or using robots in connection with mechanization devices (cross-, lengthwise conveyor, buffer stations, alignment stations, workpiece turning devices and reversing stations, ...).

Depending on the workpieces to be processed, the loading system differ. They are i.a. used in the following kinds of machines:

Optimization cross cut saws: other terms: destacking by tilting, vacuum destacking, automatic destacking in trimming saws (see Abstapeln automatisch an Kappsägen), waste conveyor
Feed-through presses
Multiple boring systems


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