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Spindle exchangeable

Different tools require various lengths of router head and different router head diameters. For this reason, the majority of spindle moulders are available with replaceable spindles. Changing these takes place according to various principles depending on the design.

Over the course of time the replacement of the spindle and the tool became coupled with each other, meaning that the tool and spindle or toolholder were replaced at the same time. This has resulted in considerably reduced set-up times in practice.

Changing the complete spindle

Here, the router head including the spindle bearing, belt pulleys and the milling tool are changed without the use of a tool. This system is used for example by the company Format-4.

Replacing the top spindle section

Other manufacturers work with two-part spindles. The lower section with the belt pulleys and bearings is permanently installed in the machine. The top section with the tool can be removed. The interface between the top and bottom section can be:

MK 5 Morse taper size 5; for a long time this interface constituted the only option for replacing the spindles of spindle moulders.
  • Disadvantage: Every time the spindle is replaced it is first necessary to disassemble the milling tool.
KK 40 Kölle KK40; The replacement of a KK40 spindle is significantly more simple than that of an MK5 spindle, although it does still require a tool. However, the milling tool can remain in place whilst the spindle is being replaced. This facilitates the rapid tool change with spindle moulders.
ISO 40 The top section of the router head forms the toolholder and the bottom section comprises a steep-angle taper, which can be fitted to the spindle holder and replaced without tools. The milling tool can remain on the spindle, meaning that this system and the hollow shank taper system described in the following are suitable for use in a rapid tool change.
Hollow shank taper As per the ISO 40, although a hollow shank taper HSK 80 or HSK-F63 is used in place of the steep-angle taper. A tool is sometimes required for changing the spindle of a tool.

Spindle changing systems

The following is a selection of the most common rapid change systems for spindles:

  • Format-4 rapid-change system for milling spindles: Replacing the complete spindle with milling tool
  • Hofmann
  • Toolfix: Pneumatically clamped hollow shank taper HSK-F63
  • Manually clamped router heads with HSK-F63 or HSK-F80 interface
  • Kölle KK40: Non-standardised steep-angle taper, which is clamped with continuous threaded rod and spanner
  • Martin
  • Dornfix: ISO 40 spindle holder, clamped with torque wrench
  • Tool-free milling arbor rapid change system T2660
  • Panhans: Milling arbor rapid change system HSK-80 with manual clamping of the router head
  • SCM rapid spindle change system: The milling tool is positioned on a spindle with steep-angle taper size ISO 40, which is clamped and released via the control. This system is used by the company SCM.

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