Control of Format 4 sliding table saws, CNC-machining centres and edgebanding machines with different functions, depending on the machine type.

For sliding table saws

Overhead control panel on eye-level with 10.4" TFT-Touch-Screen and the following functions:

  • Unlimited storage spaces for tools
  • Entire cutting processes can be programmed
  • Cutting processes can be imported
  • Grooving, folding, groove rows, wrong miters and miter cuts as additional functions with 99 storage spaces

For edgebanding machines

Control with 10.4" Touch-color screen and the following functions:

  • Saving of user-defined working programs
  • Control of motorized, position-controlled aggregates
  • Fine-tuning of the aggregates within a scale of 1/100 mm
  • Display of the aggregates and functions
  • Setting of glue parameters
  • Selection of the aggregates
  • Selection of the pressure in the pressure zone
  • Fine-tuning of the travel-way parameters
  • Optimization of protruding edges during pre-cut
  • Error messages in plain text
  • Service plan
  • Running meters counter

The following types are available as a version with e-motion: kappa 550, profit H30, profit H30L, perfect 610, perfect 710.


E-Motion an Formatkreissägen
FORMAT 4, 2011
E-Motion Sprachauswahl

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