FEZER & STOLL - FESTO, Esslingen

Former producer of technical devices and stationary machines for wood processing.

The name 'Festo' comes from the last names of the company founders Albert Fezer and Gottlieb Stoll. A. Fezer retired in 1929 and established his own company for wood processing in 1933.

FESTO - successor companies (2012)

Festo AG & Co. KG, D-73734 Esslingen

International producer of pneumatic and electric engines for factory and process automation.

TTS Tooltechnic Systems AG & Co. KG , D-73240 Wendlingen a.N.

Internatioanl leading manufacturer of electric and compressed air including wood processing.



The wood processing tools division was outsourced on the 1st of January 2000 and since then operates under the brands Festool, Protool, Tanos under the company name TTS Tooltechnic Systems AG & Co. KG, Wendlingen.



  • The company Götzinger acquires the whole 'Festo' product line from Hoffmann Dübelfix and Holzher and produces those machines infrequently.
approx. 1970 - 2000

FESTO became an important manufacturer of electric and commpressed air tools and built up a tight network of national and international distribution agencies.

approx. 1974

End of the production of stationary wood processing machines; the production of tenoning machines, chain mortisers and jalousie milling machines were taken over by Hoffmann Dübelfix Bruchsal; profiling machines, joinery machines and finger jointing lines are produced by HOLZ-HER

approx. 1970

The company needs pneumatic clamping for all tenoning machines and launches a pneumatics department.

  • The following years the interest in stationary wood processing machines decreased and the share of electric tools and compressed air tools increased.

Large-scale production of tenoning machines, series ZA

  • Pneumatics entered FESTO's production programme of wood processing machines

The "Rutscher" - a hand sanding machine - became best-seller

until 1945

Production of stair milling machines, drilling machines, beam planers, skill saws and rotary sanders - but also stationary machines such as parallel saws, chain mortisers and polishing machines, jalousie milling machines as well as tenoning and mortising machines.


The company's name was changed into 'FESTO'


First in-house development: universal chain mortiser for the milling of tenon holes in beams and for the drilling of dowel holes.


Gottlieb Stoll (1897 - 1971) founded the company 'FEZER & STOLL'. Firstly they repaired wood processing machines in their 'mechanical shop'.

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Logo (FESTO, ca. 1975)
FESTO, 1975
Logo (FESTO, ca. 1950)
FESTO, 1950
Modell ZA (FESTO, ca. 1983)
FESTO, 1983


Tenoning machine
Double end tenoner
Milling machine for window shutter grooves
Chain mortiser
Horizontal shaper
Feeding unit
Finger jointing line
Radial arm saw
Door lock mortiser
Four side planer
Industrial vacuum cleaner