HOMAG AP table

Automatically adjusting machine table for CNC-machining centres in the HOMAG-group.

The AP system is available in different expansion stages with different functionalities.

2008 HOMAG introduced the AP system as successor of the AutoClamp and PT-table. It's a positioning technology where both consoles and suction blocks take action via CNC-control. In the highest expansion stage during a running programm clasping movements can be executed.

The basic construction of AP system and AutoClamp table is largely identical. It's a console table with consoles transversally arranged to the machine bed.

Opposite from the Auto Clamp table the position speed has been increased and the condition of guides and drive elements have changed in order to facilitate reliable work also with great dust and chip waste. The affixation of clamping devices has been changed also and their retrofitting has facilitated visibly more easily.

The funtion of changing workpieces or severed panels during a running maching program through movements by the machinetable has been taken over from PT tables to separate processes on the cutting surfaces. Also the use of holding devices come from PT tables on which the actual clamping device is assembled.

The AP machinetable has been aaplied on the CNC machining centre by the company HOMAG and WEEKE.


Schematische Darstellung AP-System
Homag AP-Tisch mit Saugerplattform und Blocksaugern
HOMAG, 2011
AP System
Weeke BHC 400 mit AP Maschinentisch