Sanding belt unit

Processing unit used on woodworking machinery for surface treatment by means of sanding belt.

Contact roller sanding unit

  • A sanding belt circulates around two rollers, the roller facing the workpiece is driven via a belt by a motor. This roller presses the sanding belt against the work piece, causing the sanding process. The second roller is used for the belt reversion.
  • Main application area is the calibrating of solid wood panels.
  • This type of sanding units is used on wide belt sanders, line carving machines, profile sanding machines, edge processing machines, edgebanders and sanding machines for battens and beams.

Sanding pad unit

  • A sanding belt circulates around three rollers. Two adjacent rollers are facing the workpiece. The sanding pad is arranged between these two rollers. It presses the sanding belt against the workpiece. One of the two rollers is driven via belt by a motor, the other one as well as the third one is used for belt reversion.
  • The main applications are fine sanding, lacquer sanding and polishing
  • Sanding pads can be found on the same machinery as 'contact roller sanding units' as well as on small manual edge sanding machines.
  • On profile sanding machines and edgebanders also profiled sanding pads are used.

Combined belt-sadning unit

  • The basic construction is the same as the 'sanding pad unit', but the driven roller is realised as contact sanding roller. According to the necessary workpiece processing, either the sanding pad, the calibration roller or both at once can be used.
  • Applications and machines are like the previous two units.

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Kontaktwalzenaggregat, Aufbau
Bandschleifaggregat M 4/130 für Profilschleifmaschine
Schleifwalzenaggregat auf Längskopierfräs.
Bandschleifag. auf Einzelholzschleifm.
Kantenschleifmaschine mit Schleifschuhag.
Schleifschuhaggregat auf Breitbandschleifmaschine
Bandschleifaggregat, Antrieb