Saw carriage

A beamsaw´s centrepiece that contains main saw and scoring saw. The overall system "Saw aggregate" contains most of the beamsaw´s technical know-how. For example, the feed system, the saw carriage´s guidance, saw blade change and the adjustment of the scoring unit and others... are decisive for cutting quality, durability and operator convenience .

Giben : To achieve a high bending strength, stability and durability, saw carriage and guide system are arranged to form a symmetric triangle.

HOLZMA : In 2010 a new concept for production series 3 was introduced. This system´s motor is permanently mounted and only it´s saw blade is lifted or lowered which results in a higher cutting Quality, even at a longer tool service life because of fewer shocks and less vibration. Additionally only one lifting cylinder is installed which reduces energy consumption in the pneumatic sector.

Schelling : The saw aggregate is running on a flat guide with hardened string steel strip.

Selco : Main saw and scoring aggregate are moved up and down by use of round, hardened and grinded guides.


Sägewagen Sigma 3000
Sägewagen Baureihe 3 neu
HOLZMA, 2010
Hub-Senk-Bewegung, EB 70
SELCO, 2004