Classical machines

The fundamental processes of wood processing comprise sawing, planing, milling, sanding and boring. Accordingly, almost every "standard" carpenter's workshop has stationary classical systems with which to carry out these processes on a machine. The term "classical machines" consolidates these machines for wood processing in their basic equipment form.

Basic equipment includes:

Added to this come:

  • Extraction system
  • If nec. compressed air supply

Depending on the products that the carpenter's workshop regularly produces, clear technical specialisation takes place. This can be determined on the basis of the machines:

  • Joiner:
  • Windows, doors, gates
  • Cabinetmaker:
  • Furniture and interior production, expo design,
  • Staircase construction

Further specialisations, with distinctly diverse technical equipment (selection)

  • Carpentry, timber construction
  • Wood products, such as: Kitchen utensils, crates, handles, dowels, brushes, picture frames, pegs, etc.
  • Musical instruments
  • Wooden toys and turned parts
  • Packaging, such as boxes, pallets, barrels, etc.
  • Chairs, tables
  • Model and mould construction
  • Coffin construction


F 520 Nova
SCM, 2012
T 45
MARTIN, 2011
F 900 Power-Drive
FELDER, 2012