HOMAG ecoPlus

ecoPlus is an equipment package introduced by the Homag Group in 2009, which is intended to considerably reduce energy consumption and increase the efficiency of the machines.

According to manufacturer information, energy savings of between 20% and 90% are achieved depending on the machine type and application range.

After the companies within the Homag Group began in some cases to offer their own solutions in 2009 under their own trade names, e.g. Holzma EcoLine, the ecoPlus brand was introduced in 2011.

The ecoPlus package always contains a combination of various technologies for improving efficiency and saving energy. This can encompass a wide range of measures depending on the manufacturer and machine type:

  • Standby functions
  • Improved and more efficient extraction, e.g. through multiple controlled extraction points
  • Measures for reduced compressed air consumption, e.g. through replacement or requirement-orientated control of blow-off devices
  • Use of alternative construction materials (e.g. Sorb Tech)
  • Energy-optimised processes within machines and systems
  • Use of particularly energy-efficient drive technology (e.g. IE2 motors)
  • Consideration of energy efficiency and process optimisation with automatic loading and unloading, as well as the linking of multiple systems
  • Use of requirement-dependent controlled heating elements with minimal heat dispersion and therefore accurate heating only at the precise point desired
  • Special tool for minimising cutting forces and for improved extraction
  • Requirement-dependent controlled vacuum
  • Replacement of vacuum workpiece clamping with mechanical workpiece clamping
  • Use of more energy-efficient air conditioning units in switch cabinets combined with complete separation of the outside air, also resulting in the avoidance of dust and moisture penetration
  • Use of new technologies with operating and consumable materials (e.g. lubricants, glues, etc.)
  • Use of noise-minimising technologies
  • Possibility of feeding the energy generated when braking moving machine parts back into the network
  • Packaging sizes optimised to the workpiece for minimal packaging waste


ecoPlus Schalter für Standby
HOLZMA, 2010
ecoPlus Logo
HOMAG, 2011

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