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High gloss

High-gloss coatings are considered to be modern, of high quality and easy to maintain. The characteristic gloss effect results from the smooth and highly reflective surfaces. This can be achieved by special varnishes or foils.

Prerequisite for both coatings is a plane and dust-free surface, as surface irregularities are particularly noticeable. The sanding and dedusting can be done manually when batch sizes are small. The industrie uses wide belt sanders, brushing machines and dedusters.

High-gloss varnish

There are two types of high-gloss varnishing:

  • Colourless varnishing
  • For the refinement of high-quality lumber resp. veneers
  • Depending on wood type - priming/isolating of the pores is necessary
  • Coloured varnishing
  • Suitable for wooden workpieces with foil coating (e.g. MDF)

Depending on the required surface quality at least three varnish coats need to be applied beside the primer, with lacquer sanding after every coating. In shipbuilding it is usual to coat ten or more layers to withstand physical demands. Depending on the varnishing system and the required drying times a production time of several days may arise.

The varnish application is made in a lacquer systems, or manual with spray guns. At the denibbing the producers rely on a combination of a lengthwise sanding unit and a cross sanding unit. Even the Kündig diagonal sanding aggregate is suited for a high-gloss lacquer sanding. For postprocessing of the surface a polish grinding is done (up to grain size 3000, wet), followed by polishing and buffing.

High-gloss foil

An alternative to the varnishing is the coating with high-gloss foil. The procedure depends on the type of workpiece that is used.:

The coating with high-gloss foil is usually cheaper and faster than the use of high-gloss varnishing systems. However, there is no procedure that ensures seamless coating of the workpieces at all sides. In direct comparison varnishing provides a better optical impression.

High-gloss producing technology

The following list is incomplete. Please describe your special technology, so that we can complete it.


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