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CNC machining / drilling - for the clamping of cylindrical tool-shafts

Tool holder, which occurs in many different designs in power tools as well as in stationary machine tools for clamping the tool-shaft.

In CNC machining centres of the wood processing industry the standardized types E and ER are used to fix the tool either directly in the spindle or in the tool interface.

  • Functioning Collets are cone-shaped, longitudinally slotted sleeves whith a hole for the adaptation of the tool. By inserting into the suitable taper the slots are compressed and the tool is clamped. By a union nut the collet is fixed at the spindle.

Collets are usually designed only for a very small range of diameters of tool shafts. So for every different tool shaft diameter, a different collet must be used.

  • Alternative term:
  • Chuck


Spannzange Typ E