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SELCO integrated lift table

Lifting table at beam saws which is integrated in the rear machine table and which can also be feeded from behind; Sektor 4 series

  • Pushing takes place with the pusher collet and the alignment of the panels takes mainly place through the operator.

Technical data (2015, SELCO Sektor 470)

  • Maximal panel size on the lifting table: 3100 x 2200 mm
  • Minimal panel size on the lifting table: 1830 x 915 mm
  • Minimal panel size on lifting table feed: 10 mm
  • Maximal stacking height: 500 mm
  • Lifting table carrying weight: 3 t


SEKTOR 450, integrierter Hubtisch
SELCO, 2011
integrierbarer Hubtisch, SEKTOR
SELCO, 2011