HÖCHSMANN Höchsmann day rate auctions

Innovative form of auctioning; part of WOOD TEC AUCTION, of the auctioning platform of the Höchsmann limited Company.

This type of auctioning complies with the bidders who don´t like the tension of the last auctioning minute at classic auctions, who want to buy immediately and want to purchase cheap second-hand machines without any further tough haggling.

The technical principle is quite simple

  • After a phase of information the price of the displayed goods decreases day by day.
  • They can detect that on the decreasing price level and the vertical stroke which marks the current date.
  • As potential customer, you can secure your desired price by covering an uncovered price range online (one-time registration required).
  • Every price range can be covered only once.
  • It´s being sold to whoever covered the highest price range on the current auctioning day.
  • Some day auctions begin with the day price under a set minimum limit.
  • If this limit will not be exceeded, we reserve to negotiate with the owner. When he agrees on the low price without getting a higher offer, the sale takes place.


  • bargain hunter initially cover the lowest degrees; maybe no one participates in offering.
  • decisive customers go on by secure a higher, freer price range.

immediate purchase possible

It´s possible to cover the price range, which is valid on the current day, as well. The goods can be purchased immediately after that.

origin of this auctioning form

  • dutch auction:
  • traditional auctioning form, especially for traditional perishable goods, such as groceries, flowers, etc. The price for a defined good gradually sinks with time. The bidder who accepts the displayed price first, will be accepted.


  • staircase auction, stair rate auction
  • step auction, step rate auction
  • backwards auction
  • downwards auction
  • stepdown auktion
  • craftsmen auction