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Vario NC

Aggregate interface with tool holder HSK-F63 is used by HOLZ-HER and IMA, and was developped by ATEMAG. These can be exchanged by the tool changer.

The Vario-NC interface offers the use of an additional rotational axis on a 4-axes machine, resulting in a processing with 5 axes.


The use of the Vario-NC-interface is only possible with appropriate aggregates that are equipped with an additional tilting device, which can be controlled by the drive of the C axis.This interface can optionally control the drive of the C axis or the additional tilting device. The changeover and adjustment can only happen between individual program steps. For that reason the 5th axis is a positioning axis and cannot be used interpolating.

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Vario NC Aggregat
IMA, 2011
Vario NC Aggregat


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