WEEKE Split-Head

The Split head is a certain configuration of drilling heads on cNC-machining centres, which facilitates an especially fast and efficient hole-raster drilling.

Already at the end of the 1990´s Weeke introduced the possibility on the top models of the series BMP and BP as well as later on through-feed machines to position two drilling blocks over each separate y-axes.

Thus, parallel rows of holes can be drilled in different distances in just one drilling cycle.

When in 2013 the new model Weeke BHX 200 has been introduced on the Messe Ligna, both separate drilling blocks controllable via the y-axes were part of the basic equipment.

In 2015 the term "Split Head" has been introduced.


Split Head auf Durchlaufmaschine
WEEKE, 2008
Split Head schematisch
WEEKE, 2013