Wood based materials

Wood materials are understood to mean materials which are being manufactured through the dismantling of wood and subsequently the assembling of the caused woodwork. Components can be wood shavings, wood chips, wood fibre, one or more wood storages which are glued together with binder. The type of derived timber products and their properties result from shape, construction, density and size of the woodwork, as well as the binder content and the manufacturing process of the derived timber products.

Meaning of wood materials

The usage of wood materials offer crucial advantages for solid wood. This includes i.a. dimensional stability, homogeneity, simpler processability. Hence derived timber products can be deployed variedly, e.g. in the furniture making, in wooden building or as timber. The wood pieces are chosen according to the requirements and partially adjusted to their later needs. Choice criteria are e.g. load capacity, visual appearance, insulating properties or behavior towards wetness.

Types of wood materials


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