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Chip rabbet cutter

Rebating cutter head to be combined with a planer head at the first lower spindle

  • Is used to mill a guiding rebate for exact workpiece guidance between referencing spindle and first (right) vertical spindle.
  • Mills guiding rebate, so that workpieces are guided precisely into the machine between the lower and the right spindle close to the stop
  • The influence of transport rollers and pressure elements is minimised.

Alternative terms

  • Rabbet device
  • Referencing spindle with rebating cutter
  • Cutter head for jointing and rebating (SCM)
  • Rebating cutter head Leitz


Vorabrichtfräser mit Hobelkopf
Vorabrichtfräser schematisch
Vorabrichtfräser Powerlock-Hobelkopf (CarbideTool)