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Tool changer


It is a device used for CNC-machining centres and other tool machines to store different tools and to automatically exchange them during a run of the program.

Usually, a tool interface, which is interchangeable and in which a tool is fixedly clamped, is necessary for the use of a tool changer.

The interfaces which are commonly used in woodworking are:

  • ISO30 (German SK30 = steep-angle taper)
  • ISO40 (German SK40 = steep-angle taper, rare today)
  • HSK-F50 (hollow shank taper, rare today)
  • HSK-F63 (hollow shank taper, the most commonly used today)

Alternative terms

Edgebanding machines

In productions, where edge thickness and edge profile often change, the equipment of the machine with tool changers is useful. They have the tools for different profile forms ready and insert them into the corresponding aggregate when needed. in edgebanding machines, tool changers are mainly used for corner rounding units and universal milling aggregates.

Machines with a tool changer are usually equipped with a coil magazine to keep different edge materials. Alternative to the tool changer: aggregates with adjustable NC-axes and tool knives for different profiles, e.g. Biesse Edge Multi Profile Knives, Brandt multi-stage technology

Profile sanding machines

To keep sanding pads for different edge profiles ready, the sanding pads can be mounted on a rotating star. Depending on which profile is needed, the star rotates the appropriate sanding pad to the right position behind the sanding belt.

Images and Videos

Kettenwechsler an einem CNC-Bearbeitungszentrum
BIESSE, 2006
Tellerwechsler an einem CNC-Bearbeitungszentrum
WEEKE, 2003
WEEKE, 2013
Pickup-Wechsler mit Aluringen zur Verhinderung von Verwechslungen
2 Frässpindeln mit jeweils 4-fach Revolverwechsler
HEIAN, 1988
Werkzeugwechsler an Kantenanleimmaschine
Werkzeugrevolver an Profilschleifmaschine
ABZ 605, Werkzeugwechsler in Abbundanlange
HAGE, 2018
Werkzeugwechsel bei einem mitfahrenden Tellerwechsler
HOMAG, 2010
Tellerwechsler mit verschiedenen Wechselaggregaten