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HOMAG Clamping fixture for newel posts and staves

The clamping device for posts and scantlings is a clamping system for CNC-machining centres with k-table and table variations which are based upon that respectively.

The clamping device for posts and scantlings will be applied where high cutting forces have an effect, but only one lower support surface does exist, so that tension through vacuum suction cup wouldn´t be able to offer any additional and reliable support.

Contrary to the clamping systems, particularly developed for the needs of the window construction, multiclamp, Powerclamp and the 3-stufigen Spannsystem are being clamped the workpiece onto thus the it can be processed on top and partly sideways. For the most part, the clamping system is available in the staircase construction, but also universally suitable for processing longer, narrower workpieces.


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