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Denibbing sander for surfaces

This kind of machines serves the intermediate coating of panel-shaped workpieces with profiled surfaces and profiled frames. Typical workpieces are furniture fronts and window frames. The passage width is at least 600mm. The passage height is generally at most not more than 250 mm.


The structure of the intermediate sanders for surfaces resembles the structure of wide belt sanders. A cuboid-shaped base frame carries the working table with the infeed carpet. The working units are height-adjustably hung above. Depending on the field of application the beam construction may be easier or harder. Some manufacturers use their wide-belt machine beams and construct on it whole intermediate sanders, e.g. VIET S3.

For small handicraft businesses there is also intermediate sanders in the type of an air cushion with integrated sanding brushes, e.g. LÖWER TOPSPIN F. The workpiece infeed takes here place manually by the operator.

Working units

Traditional wide belt sanders are not suitable for the sanding of profiled surfaces but brushing sanders are deployed in different editions.

Special equipment

The infeed carpet would be whetted by the brushes when sanding thin workpieces. Smooth infeed carpets made of resistant PVC with vacuum device are helpful.

Other types of machines for the sanding of coated workpieces

  • Intermediate strip sanders: Sanding of narrow workpieces up to a width of 600 mm, especially profiled workpieces (profile strips, chair parts, narrow profiled front parts), e.g. Löwer MINIMASTER and CROSSMASTER.
  • Intermediate frame sanders: Sanding of complete frames in stationary fields of processing, e.g. Löwer WindowMaster


Bütfering SBR 313
Quickwood RO 800
Schleifbürste, Aggregate 1 und 2 auf einer ROTOMASTER 4B
LÖWER, 2010
Schleifwalze, Detaillansicht
LÖWER, 2010
ROTOMASTER 4B Schleifwalze, Detaill 2
LÖWER, 2010
Reinigungsbürste, Aggregat 3 auf einer ROTOMASTER 4B
LÖWER, 2010
Reinigungsbürste, Detail
LÖWER, 2010
Polierwalze, Aggregat 4 auf einer ROTOMASTER 4B
LÖWER, 2010

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