In WOOD TEC HISTORY important stations in the history of woodworking technology are listed. Besides innovative inventions, also trends and results from the company of that branch. Starting with the invention of an automatic surface planer around 1800, in WOOD TEC HISTORY over 200 years of industrial woodworking is depicted.


For navigation through over 200 years of woodworking, you have various possibilities:

  • Click on a year in the timeline and thus immediately access the selected spot.
  • Move the curser to the left or right side of the screen; the timeline moves only into the wished direction. Click on the arrow in order to move faster through the entries.
  • Links lead to fitting contents of the online-lexicon WOOD TEC PEDIA.

History of origin

2006 In the end-of-year-review of the Höchsmann GmbH the history of woodworking appears for the first time.
2007 The history is now also available online.
2016 The history of the woodworking technology has been completely processed, supplemented in content and published under the name WOOD TEC HISTORY.

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