A combination of machine manufacturer IMA Klessmann GmbH and SCHELLING plant engineering for IMA Schelling Group GmbH (ISG) situated in the Austrian Schwarzach. Part of the network is the company PRIESS & HORSTMANN.

Employment main focus points (2017)

IMA Klessmann ltd.

  • Internationally working, German manufacturer of high-performing single machines and production lines for the furniture and construction element industry and offerer of product accompanying provision of services.
  • Customer-fitted solutions and competence in the fields of stationary, throughput and process engineering as well as transport/trade.
  • Production solutions from high-performance production to quantity-one-productions up to the complex process engineering technology like the Laser Edging, inclusively associated software solution.

Schelliung plant construction

  • Austrian manufacturer of panel sizing machines as well as precision saws and cutting plants steeped in tradition for big industry companies as well as sophisticated handicraft businesses.
  • Scheling - plants are internationally employed i.a. with industrial manufacturers of panels, furniture and kitchens as well as for partitioning of aluminium, plastic, circuit boards or in the field of aerospace.

PRIESS & HORSTMANN - Fitting and press-in technology

  • Expert for the fields of drilling and fitting in the furniture industry
  • Part of the products are e.g. high-performance single machines and matching, completely interlinked plants lot size one production - of kitchens, bathrooms, living - and bedroom furniture.
  • The company plans and produces exclusively customer-fitted solutions for the front, side and ground process as well as for the carcass assembly. In addition there is the loading and handling technology for those plants.