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Segmental pressure pad

Electronic Pad Independent Control Stroke - electronically controlled segmental pressure pad with pneumatically impinged segments


The cylinders are located in a special traverse which activate the single segments. A higher tolerance balance and precision is ensured through:

  • a greater hub in the piston
  • Double effective system - pneumatic boost - counter-boost through the structure of the pneumatic cylinder with the EPICS-sanding pad, especially panels with differences thickness can be optimally sanded.

Available segment widths:

  • 32 mm
  • 16 mm - technical type is suitable for the processing of slim or shaped workpieces with small angles



elektronischer Schleifschuh EPICS
DMC, 2010
EPICS Segmentteilung
SCM, 2017
EPICS Schleifen von Platten mit Stärkeunterschieden
SCM, 2017