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Planer aggregate

Cutter Head Planer (Slicing unit)

The unit is available in the technical type with frontal entry to the tool. This version facilitates the cleaning and maintenance and is especially suitable for machines, which are integrated in production lines.

The CHP-unit allows the depth of cut up to 3 mm. Such result can usually only be achieved with at least three calibrating units with especially high-performing motors ( 50 - 60 PS each)

After planing/ moulding short fine tuning is necessary:

  • 1 working unit: 150 graining
  • 2 working units: 180 graining through the heavy pressing machines with circuit breaker, which is equipped with small hammers agains the setback, an efficient workpiece feed and the simultaneous processing of several pieces from different calipers.

Alternative terminology

  • Cutter block group
  • Cutter block unit
  • Cutterblock unit


CHP - Drucker mit Trennschalter
SCM, 2017


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