BIESSE Automatic labelling

The automatic labelling is an optional function for the Nesting machines of the Biesse NBC series as well as complete nesting cells of smaller series such as Biesse Skill FT, which don't carry the term NBC but can also be equipped

with automatic lift table coating and automatic workpiece exit transport.

The labelling takes place at the lift table and is hence only available for accordingly-equipped machines.

For labelling the already-available deportation arm of the lift table in addition to the labelling unit equipped with an own Y-axis. Thus the labelling solution is relatively cheap.

Whilst the machine is processing a panel the labelling unit takes the labels out of the printers and adds them to the top panel on the lift table.

Thus the panels are already labelled when they are added to the machine.


Abschiebearm der Hubtischbeschickung mit Etikettierer
BIESSE, 2011
Etikettiereinheit entnimmt dem Drucker ein Etikett
BIESSE, 2011