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Lacquer drying system

Plants for accelerating the drying and hardening process of freshly-varnished surfaces. The processing usually takes place in the througput. Lacquer drying systems are used in lacquer lines or also in single machine after the application of lacquer, through spraying devices (manual application) or spraying automats (automatic application)

Types of lacquer drying systems

Edition of the drying system is dependent of the lacquer system.

One differentiates in:

  • physical drying: water and solvent based lacquers dry by evaporation. Through feeding warmth and fresh air the drying process can be accelerated. For this recirculation dryers, horizontal air dryers and drying chambers are used.
  • Chemical hardening: Here the "drying" by chemical reaction takes place. A typical example here is the UV-drying, where polimerisation reactions are triggered by the UV-ray in the lacquer which solidify it.
  • Mixed forms are also possible: With water-based UV-lacquers or 2-component lacquers drying and hardening processes run simultaneously.


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CEFLA, 2000

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