What is tapioca?

Tapio is a digital, cloud-based platform which facilitates optimizing business processes to be designed more reliable and quicker by connecting their operators.

In a IoT-platform (IoT = Internet of Things) companies from all value chains in the woodworking field, production machines as well as a wide range of tools and materials are being merged, which facilitates simpler communication with manufacturer, other operators and machines.

tapio refers to knowledge from machine construction, software and service of companies around the world world.

Design and development

The concept has been initially introduced on the LIGNA, May 2017: with a close partnership of HOMAG, manufacturer of woodworking machines and Microsoft, tapio constructed its model.

In the meantime there are 17 partners which work closely with tapio and 3 application, the MachineBoard, the ServiceBoard and DataSave, which are available for the operator:

  • MachineBoard: displays machines and their states and informs the operator per message in case of errors or the if the machine needs interaction. This app enables the operator to work flexible, as machines, e.g. CNC-machines, can run without supervision.
  • ServiceBoard: The ServiceBoard facilitates getting in touch with the manufacturers, it contains a maintenance display and access to the spare part shop.
  • DataSave: DataSave saves date anonymously in case the saving of data has been forgotten. Tase data will be deposited in the Cloud by tapio and are called up again any time.


Requirement for usage: Internet connection

tapio is furthermore applicable on SmartDevices, such as Tablets, Smartphones, PCs and Smartwatches.

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