Modularly-constructed drilling unit for CNC-machining centres. The V 12 unit has been developed as small, cheap machines and is one of the most frequently used drilling units of the Homag group.

The term refers to the number of vertical drilling spindles in the basic equipment. But this is only practically used with Nesting machines.

Basic configuration:

  • Quickchanging - chuck
  • Drilling depth 38 mm
  • Drive 2,3 kW
  • Rpm: 1 500 - 7 500 /min
  • 12 vertical drilling spindle, arranged in an L-shape as a 32 mm row of holes in X and Y, one drill can be used in both directions.
  • 7 drillers row of holes in X
  • 6 drillers row of holes in Y


Grafische Darstellung: Bohraggregat Homag V 12
HOMAG, 2017
Bohraggregat Homag V12 in Minimalausstattung
HOMAG, 2014