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Brushing unit

One or several units in wide belt sanders and intermediate sanders with depending on the type of the unit, which can have different functions:

Dedusting/cleaning brush soft, single 'hairs' apparent, for brushing the dust off the workpiece; brush material: Sisal, Nylon
Satining/smoothing brushes soft, sometimes hard to see individual hairs, often a very soft, abrasive-coated solid roller; for smoothing the surface of lacquered and waxed workpieces and give it a 'shining' look; material: Scotch Brite
Structuring brush hard, identifiable individual bristles; By brushing off the the soft parts of the wood a rustic effect can be reached, e.g. for solid wood flooring. Bristle material: plastic bristles (e.g. Anderlon), available with sanding grain, or metal bristles (e.g. brass, steel, stainless steel, Phosphor Bronze)
Brush roller to clean the feeding carpet, usually mounted below the work table at the workpiece outfeed
Brushes Sisal/sanding lamella brush combination (FlexTrim), for fine sanding of soft light wood (whitewood) Execution as a horizontally continuing brush roll or as vertically arranged rotary disk brush.

other brush materials:

Additional Features:

  • Rounding of foil edges
  • Cleaning of glue residues from the workpiece backs at vacuum-pressed workpieces


Alternative terms

  • Brush roller
  • Brush roller unit
  • Conveyor belt cleaning brush
  • Smoothing roller/ smoothing aggregate
  • Finishing roller, satin aggregate, satin finishing
  • Structuring brush, structuring aggregate