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HOMAG Labeling package

Package for labelling workpiece, e.g. for a later workpiece identification, partial tracking and automatic program level on following machines through Barcode-control. The package will be offered for CNC-machining centres, also for beamsaws, e.g. HOMAG SAWTEQ B-200.

  • The package consists of:
  • Labelling software
  • Labelling with telegraphic
  • Labelling printer Pica II 103 (Thermo-/Thermotransfer pressure)
  • Mounting

On HOMAG - panel sizing machines the printer is installed in the area of the control panel.

On CNC-nesting cells the printer is located in the area of the outlet conveyor.

The print of the labels takes place automatically in order of the produced parts, the labelling itself takes always place manually through the control. An automatic labelling machine offers e.g. the HOMAG Etiketten-Drucksystem.

Technical data (2018)

  • Labeling width: max. 110 mm, min. 15 mm
  • Pressure width: 104 mm
  • Resolution: 200 dpi