HOMAG Raw panel labelling system

By aid of the raw panel labelling system raw panels are labelled already before the partitioning. The saw with panel storage system offered since 2012 consists of:

  • panel storage
  • pre-stacking table with surface labelling HFE 200
  • beamsaw

Configuration 1 - Stand-alone-solution:

  • The storage's feeding unit puts the panel on the pre-stacking table (with surface labelling). After the labelling the panel is picked up again to be put behind the program fence while being partitioned at the other side. By liftable grippers the program fence fetches the panel at the right moment.

Configuration 2 - profiLine-solution with pre-stacking table and integrated infeed:

  • The raw panel is directly put on the pre-stacking table behind the saw, being labelled by the surface labeller.
  • Integrated infeed: the program fence moves over the panel fetching it just-in-time (difference with the stand-alone-solution).

Further labelling-solution from HOLZMA: Domino-System