HOMAG Lamello Clamex package

Equipment package for milling Lamello Clamex-P conjunctions on CNC-machining centres.

The extent of the package may vary depending on the machine.

In order to mill Clamex-P conjunction at least one machine with torque support is necessary. With such machine the conjunction for rectangular standard carcasses without mitre can be milled.

The package in its simplest edition contains:

  • The WoodWop CLAMEX Makro
  • Angular unit with low depth underneath the spindle exit
  • Two Clamex milling tools

The angular unit needs low depth for the unit to not touch down when milling the conjunction for dividing walls in the panel surface.

A larger milling tool (for a wider gap downward) cannot be used as the radius of the Clamex conjunction and thus the milling tool is set fixed.

For milling mitre joints with Clamex P, a machine with 5-axis-spindle, with Flex 5 Axis or Flex5 Plus unit is possible. The Clamex conjunction cannot be milled with a standard Flex 5 unit (or only in several clamping processes) as two changing tools are necessary:

First the mitre is being cut with a saw blade, subsequently the conjunctions are being milled with the Clamex milling tools and eventually the hole for the allen key needs to be drilled on one side.

Also when using the Flex-5 or 5-axis technology the miling of conjunctions for dividing walls is not possible without restrictions. Either the HOMAG Flex 5+C unit, which is especially levelled off for the milling of Clamex conjunctions, is being used or additionally a normal unit with lower installation height, as most of the 5-axis spindles as well as the Flex-5 units used by Homag would touch down when milling the conjunction of dividing walls on the panel.

Images and Videos

CLAMEX-P Verbindung mit Aggregaten fräsen
CLAMEX-P Verbindung auf 5-Achs CNC fräsen
Fräsen einer Clamex P Verbindung mit dem Flex5+C Aggregat
BENZ, 2015
Nur mit Flex5+C möglich: Einfräsen einer Clamex Verbindung in der Fläche
HOMAG, 2015
Bohren der Inbus-Bohrung für Lamello Clamex P bei Gehrungsverbindung
Aggregat mit Fräser für Clamex-P Verbinder

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