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ALTENDORF Hand Guard security system

Innovative, multi-stage security system by manufacturer Altendorf for preventing accidents and damages by the operator of the sliding table saws. The system is based on the early detection of a dangerous situation through several cameras.

The three phases of the security system

Phase 1 If the hand of the operator is approaching the saw blade, the machine will give a visual signal (LED's at the scope of the safety enclosure).
Phase 2 The rpm of the sawblade is noticeably being lowered. The operator feels haptic resistance.
Phase 3 Complete stop and lowering of the unit.

The machine can keep working directly after the incident. The optical system also recognizes working gloves. According to the manufacturer the security system is insensitive to wet wood as well as conductive materials and coatings.

  • Market introduction: LIGNA 2019
  • Market launch: Planned ca. 2020 after closing numerous and extensive acceptance procedure through trade associations and authorities.

Images and Videos

Sicherheitsassistent ASA, HandGuard-System