SCM Photo bumper

Photobumper is a safety device for CNC-machining centres newly introduced with the model SCM PRATIX Z2 in 2010.

The renaming to Pro-Speed has already taken place with other machine models in 2011.

From 2012 on the term pro-speed has been used.


Bumpers are efficient and utterly space-saving safety devices. Nonetheless were they scarcely distributed up to the early 2010's.

According to the EU machine guidelines when using machines with bumpers, an immediate machine stop without any further travel path is mandatory on contact with the operator as sole safety device.

Such an aprubt breaking process can be realised only with a very low feedrate without severely technical effort or damage of the machine.

With this the use of bumpers is omitted on high-performing CNC-machining centres.

Operating mode:

The photo bumper system is based on bumpers designed to save space. They are combined with additional light barriers, which are arranged in such a way that they guard the area in front of the machine.

The system has two operating states in command. They are produced via control according to the needs:

  • 1) Drive with reduced feedrate: if the light barrier registers something accessing into the working area of the machine, the max. traverse speed is being lowered onto the speed appropriate for the operation with bumpers as prescribed by the EU machine guidelines. The access is e.g. required during pendulum processings as the operator has to enter some of the working area with workpieces for occupancy. Also e.g. in the setup mode or for checking machining procedures from upclose it's ideal when the operator is able to come to the unit carrier as close as possible.
  • 2) Drive wit max feedrate: if no one is in the area supervised by the light barrier, the processing speed is automatically increased in order to use up the highest machine capacity possible.

Thus it's become possible by the photo bumper system to use bumpers also on machines with very high processing speeds.


SCM Pratix Z2 mit Photobumper Sicherheitseinrichtung
SCM, 2011