WEINIG Trimsaver

TrimSaver is a device on finger jointing lines introduced under the name automatic hogger degree adjustment in 2008 which accurately measures the front of the workpiece and optimises the hogger settings servo-motorically in such a way that prongs can be milled without any mistakes with max. wood utilization.

The Trimsaver technology can have two benefits especially for workpieces that are not rectangular or ridden with harsh tears:

  • Increase of material effect (e.g. according to manufacturer with the model TURBO-S 1000 up to 60 000 lfm per year)
  • Prevents quality deficiencies by prongs that have not been completely milled with workpieces that are transversal or ridden with harsh tears.


Turbo-S 1000 Fräse mit Weinig Trimsaver
WEINIG, 2015
Fräsmaschine mit Trimsaver, Sensorseite
WEINIG, 2015