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Guide to beamsaws | 8

Machine control and software

The trend of constantly supervise machine conditions, connecting and making them accessible online is clearly visible in the market. Hence wood processors stay with an already available operator concept and thus with a manufacturer. There are good reasons for it. There's also the prominent, frequent case of machine operators will have a say in selecting the machine if they have good experience or preferences for a particular manufacturer or have knowledge of the control form former occupations.

But those who are free, are to be advised to have a thorough look at the operator concepts and to involve future operators as soon as possible. As they are the ones to be later asked to be able to work with it efficiently on a daily basis.

The state of technology is clearly arranged control panels, which can be activated on touch, real-time depiction of the production progress, the processed workpieces,the leftover area still to be used, the waste, the machine capacity, of maintenance intervals etc. as well as increasing assistance systems, which assist in handling, as e.g. when rotating or correctly destacking.

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