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The Box 3.0 is a pneumatic press which calculates all measures through quick adjustment for the assembly of drawers and door frames.

Their design facilitates every type of connection (folding, dovetail and dowels).

Thus a connection of frames and drawers is guaranteed. The certain pressing mechanism, with its forward limited system FLS makes sure that folding connections and frames with glass insertion are not deformed. The fully-automatic positioning system PLC reduces the adjustment period and the maintenance period of the BOX 3.0. It's possible in the automatic mode to work by playing various machining programs and pressing times on the machine (XY, YX, X, Y, mitre joint, etc ...).

Technical data

  • Drawer length: 200 - 1.400 mm

  • Drawer height: 200 - 820 mm

  • Drawer thickness: 200 - 700 mm

  • Maximal horizontal press force (X): 800 kg

  • Maximal vertical press force (Y): 800 kg

  • Option “Kit Door”: Max forntal pressing force (Z): 160 kg


BOX 3.0
KOCH, 2019