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This edgebanding machine is designed on one side and manually fed. A suitable use of the machine is a commissionwise production of frame parts, furniture fronts or drawer parts. With this, various edge materials with reliable standard glues.


  • Edge gluing unit

  • Copy unit


  • 2nd bevelling unit

  • Magazine for 5 different edge rollers (manual change)

  • Horizontal drilling unit


The ENDMASTER-K pro.line has especially been designed for the processing of frontal sides of narrow parts such as strips, moulds, frames, skirtings etc.

All parts whether MDF or chipboard, with critical measures can be rationally processed. The machines work double-sided in the throughput. The consistent machine design in the modular system offers the possibility to combine further units/equipment such as magazine feed, return transport, machining units for crosscutting, drilling, milling, dowelling, etc.

The edgebanding unit process standard coating material from 0,15 mm to 3 mm. Special CNC-trimming units follow the profile of the workpiece precisely, remove the protrusion of the material and guarantee a clean finishing operation.

MAchine equipment

  • Feeding material with seperation

  • Poisition control Koch Numeric

  • Edge gluing station

  • Milling station for edge reworking

  • NC positioning in X, Y and Z

  • Surface-protecting workpiece transport


  • Central lubrication for work units

  • Half-automatic refill unit for glue granulation

  • Lengthwise drilling station

  • Workpiece return transport

  • Depending on the need, machines can be equipped with further units for crosscutting, drilling, milling, dowelling etc.


KOCH, 2019
ENDMASTER K base.line
KOCH, 2019