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DDT is short for "Double Dynamic Transport", a clamping system for workpieces. It's used on small CNC-machining centres, where by moving the workpiece the X-axis is realised.


The DDT system consists of two collets, which the workpiece can move either in the same or alternating rhythm. By using it in alternation ("transforming") workpieces can be transported, which are significantly longer than the travel distance of a collet.

The DDT system is a requirement for Bar Nesting, as the respectively-finished workpiece is being transported out of the machine through a clamp, whilst the other clamp keeps the rest of the workpiece back in the machine.


Vitap DDT System: Die beiden Spannzangen beim Werkstücktransport
VITAP, 2017
Einzug eines langen Streifens mit dem DDT System für das Bar Nesting
VITAP, 2017