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Guide to wide belt sanders | 8

Further technical refinements 1


Superfinish-aggregate or so-called pressure lamella belt aggregates are part of the high-end equipment. The chevron belt running between segmental pressure pad and sanding belt ensures a random interruption of the touch of the sanding grains. This produces a smooth sanding pattern which is free of oscillation marks. Anyone who produces workpieces made of lacquered MDF in the upmarket sector (high gloss, matt) cannot get around this unit.

Vacuum transport carpet and pressure pads

Lacquered and especially small, especially very short parts are only insufficiently held by the feeding belt. They slip under the units, jam or are thrown out of the machine. The vacuum transport carpet provides a remedy here. Pressure rollers and pressure pads between the units support the transport and prevent flat parts from "fluttering". They are available for sanding large and small workpieces.

Constant through-feed height

If you have particularly long workpieces to sand or want to integrate your machine into a line, you might want to choose a machine where the height adjustment is done by raising the machine head and the table maintains a constant height.

Roller brushing unit

Special roller brushing units fulfil many tasks:

  • Structuring: Brush facing Anderlon, brass or steel strands create the impression of wood washed out in water
  • Dusting: brush trim sisal, plastic
  • Satin finishing/gloss: thick roller shell made of a fibre fleece mixed with abrasive grit, e.g. ScotchBrite from 3M.
  • Sanding brushes: With them, contoured surfaces can be finely and intermediately sanded. However, they are rarely found in wide belt sanding machines. If you have a lot of contoured surfaces, you can buy an extra lacquer-intermediate-denibbing sander.

Due to the high load, there are extra units for structuring and sanding brushes. Therefore, wide belt sanders are often equipped with two brush units.

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BÜTFERING Superfinish-aggregate
Vacuum table with perforated conveyor belt
SCM, 2017
Elastically stored pressure rollers
SCM, 2017
Pressure roller with grooved rubber roller
Satin-finishing brush