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Double-part processing

Double-part processing on CNC-machining centers is not a fixed term. However, it generally refers to the machining of two panel-shaped workpieces lying one above the other.

This is particularly applicable in the context of two scenarios:

  • 1) Machining centers which move the workpiece with grippers are often designed to transport two panels one above the other and also have two aggregate supports, one above and one below. This allows very efficient production of e.g. two mirrored cabinet sides simultaneously.

  • 2) With nesting machines, the processing of two (rarely more) panels one above the other means that the machine operates at double capacity. Therefore different systems have been developed to set two panels on top of each other.


Double-part processing at nesting with the help of roller pressure and X-Vacuum
SCM, 2019
Gleichzeitiges Spannen von zwei Werkstücken mit Zangengreifern
HOMAG, 2018