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SCM Spindle characteristics

In 2006 SCM introduced the machines of the new NT (New Technology) line.

These machines were designed to offer customers maximum flexibility in the assembling of components and solutions tailored to the buyer and his application.

In contrast, the new AL (Action Line) machines were offered at very favourable prices and were only available in fixed configurations tailored to specific applications.

This included a selection of different performance classes for the router heads. However, the power alone is not necessarily decisively, since e.g. in window construction, particularly high power is required at low speeds, while particularly fine processing with very thin milling tools is often only carried out at high rotation speeds.

For this reason, SCM also introduced individual power profiles for the spindles, where the power curve can vary greatly depending on the rotation speed.

These options were available:


SCM High Flexibility Spindle characteristics
SCM, 2006
SCM High Torque Spindle characteristics
SCM, 2006
SCM High Power Spindle characteristics
SCM, 2006
SCM High Speed Spindle characteristics
SCM, 2006