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Rotating nozzles

In wide belt sanders and dedusting machines rotating nozzles are used to remove sanding dust from the surface of the workpiece before lacquer application.

Structure and function

The device consists of mostly two-armed tube rotors through which compressed air flows. Nozzles inserted at the end of the tube allow the air to flow outwards onto the workpiece so that adhering dust is blown off. The air routing is designed in such a way that the tubes are rotated by the air flow. This causes the dust to be whirled up from all sides and captured by the extraction flow.

Efficiency increase

Dust extraction by means of rotating blow-off nozzles is only effective if an ionising device is connected upstream.

By means of a downstream cleaning device (e.g. manufacturer WANDRES even the finest dust particles can be removed.

To save valuable compressed air, the nozzles are usually plunge controlled depending on the workpiece throughfeed.


Ionisation and blow-off nozzles